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I offer a variety of web related services from outright design and site building to online advertising in the form of pay per click campaigns on all the major search engines, along with advice on affiliate marketing, analytics, and search engine optimisation.

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I first got into web design and promotion back in 2002 when the company I worked for were dissatisfied with the marketing agency they were using. Convinced I could do a better job I started to teach myself HTML & CSS along with reading everything I could about Overture (which later became Yahoo's search marketing platform). A few months (and a lot of books!) later I was tasked with redesigning the existing website with a fresher more lead targeted design and relaunching the PPC campaigns. At this point I discovered the power of Google Adwords and was hooked! Being able to design and write a site from scratch and then through paid search turn that site into a business generating entity is very, very exciting.

Since 2002 I've promoted sites via Adwords, Yahoo, Bing (MSN) & Miva. I've ran a successfully affiliate program within a highly competitive market as well as purchasing leads from larger comparison sites. I've designed and built sites ranging from small micro sites and landing pages to larger lead generation sites.

All my sites are semantically hand coded, validated and cross browser tested with clear call-to-actions. I'm also Google Certified.