I offer a variety of web related services from outright design and site building to online advertising in the form of pay per click campaigns on all the major search engines, along with advice on affiliate marketing, analytics, and search engine optimisation.

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Generally speaking I don't offer off the shelf packages or deals. Every site I design and build is unique and based on that individuals or company's specific needs. I've worked on a lot of massively varying projects and it is almost impossible to accurately price a project until the initial planning and spec has been done. There are many companies out there that sell pre packed themes or off the shelf pre made templates, this is not something I do. Like anything worth having you really do get what you pay for. Each site I produce is specifically tailored and hand designed around the site owners needs.

I prefer to sit down and discuss your aims for the site and then establish these 3 important pieces of information.

These 3 pieces of information are all closely related and will determine the final price of the project. If your deadline for completion is soon and you want lots of features then your budget needs to be high. If your budget is low and you need the project completed quickly then don´t expect many features and so on and so forth. Ultimately I want to try and give you the optimal balance of these 3 elements.